The MATCH Observatory is a key element on the WP4 of the MATCH project. Designed as a strategic surveillance tool, it´s ultimate purpose is that MATCH partners, the European Commission and other users could be constantly aware about emerging and possibly disruptive trends in the field of materials.

Magnesium Recycling in the EU

This report, prepared on behalf of the International Magnesium Association (IMA), presents the findings of a comprehensive material flow analysis of magnesium (metal) in the EU for 2012. This study’s findings supersede those presented for magnesium (metal) in the 2015... read more

Opportunities of solar panel recycling

Photovoltaic solar panels are a sustainable source of energy, dependant only on solar radiation, and capable of delivering electricity to our homes. These panels are as well containing raw materials for recycling. But what happens to solar panels when they fail to... read more

Global Storage Market to Double Six Times by 2030

The global energy storage market will double six times between 2016 and 2030, rising to a total of 125 gigawatts/305 gigawatt-hours. This is a similar trajectory to the remarkable expansion that the solar industry went through from 2000 to 2015, in which the share of... read more

Flow batteries leading the way in lithium-free niches

While lithium-ion is rapidly racing ahead to become the “de facto grid storage solution” and is the most popular technology choice by far, vendors of other types of batteries are also targeting the market, with varying degrees of success. US firm Navigant Research... read more
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