This report, prepared on behalf of the International Magnesium Association (IMA), presents the findings of a comprehensive material flow analysis of magnesium (metal) in the EU for 2012. This study’s findings supersede those presented for magnesium (metal) in the 2015 Material System Analysis (MSA) study produced for DG-GROW.

As with the MSA study, one key output of this work is a high-level Sankey diagram of the inputs and end-fates of magnesium (metal) – hereafter referred to as Mg – in the EU. Even a brief inspection of the diagrams highlight some of the main differences in the findings of this study compared to those reported in the MSA study:

 This study finds the figure for Mg imports into the EU is 18% higher than reported in the MSA study.2

 This study finds exports are over double those identified in the MSA study.

 Landfill in the EU is only 30% of that identified in the MSA study.

 The MSA study includes only old scrap functional recycling, while this study also quantified functional recycling of new scrap.3

 Non-functional recycling of Mg is an order of magnitude higher than in the MSA study,

 Instead of 9 kT of de-accumulation as in the MSA study, this study found there were 34 kT of in-use Mg accumulation.4

Read the full report here

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