Renault was the first carmaker to develop an industrial system that has, and will, enable it to meet expected future mobility needs in a time of increasingly scarce natural resources. As a circular economy pioneer, Renault now generates revenue of Euros 0.5 billion per year from its recycling and manufacturing operations, demonstrating the economic benefit of adopting circular economy practices.

Groupe Renault began working with Ellen MacArthur in 2007, committing to reducing its environmental footprint across every stage of its lifecycle by increasingly embracing the circular economy. When the Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched in September 2010, Renault joined as a founding Global Partner. The Group has now committed to supporting and pursuing a circular economy framework for a further three year term.

Some of Renault’s future projects include studies into transposing our European remanufacturing model into other regions of the world, such as India, Brazil, Morocco and China, as well as the lifecycle of electric vehicle batteries and new mobility solutions.

Read the full story at Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Renault

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