The MATCH Observatory is a key element on the WP4 of the MATCH project. Designed as a strategic surveillance tool, it´s ultimate purpose is that MATCH partners, the European Commission and other users could be constantly aware about emerging and possibly disruptive trends in the field of materials.

Living sensors at your fingertips

Engineers and biologists at MIT have teamed up to design a new “living material” — a tough, stretchy, biocompatible sheet of hydrogel injected with live cells that are genetically programmed to light up in the presence of certain chemicals. In a paper published this... read more

An injectable navigation system for nerve cells

Injured nerve tissue can only heal as the cells grow in the right direction. Researchers have now developed a gel with magnetic nanoparticles that helps in orientation. Aachen – In many tissues in our body the spatial orientation of the cells plays a decisive... read more
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