The MATCH Observatory is a key element on the WP4 of the MATCH project. Designed as a strategic surveillance tool, it´s ultimate purpose is that MATCH partners, the European Commission and other users could be constantly aware about emerging and possibly disruptive trends in the field of materials.

Cutting carbon fibre costs in half

Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have demonstrated a production method they estimate will reduce the cost of carbon fibre by as much as 50% and the energy used in its production by more than 60%

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New Alcoa Operation to Manufacture 3DP Alloys

Alcoa opened a new plant at its research center near Pittsburgh where it will manufacture metal powders in proprietary grades of titanium, nickel, and aluminum, to be used for its 3D-printing operations in California, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The... read more
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