The MATCH Observatory is a key element on the WP4 of the MATCH project. Designed as a strategic surveillance tool, it´s ultimate purpose is that MATCH partners, the European Commission and other users could be constantly aware about emerging and possibly disruptive trends in the field of materials.

Sapa Introduces Light Aluminium Brake Line

Norway’s Sapa AS has developed a revolutionary new automobile brake line using a high-strength aluminium alloy.The new development was presented at IZB, one of Europe’s leading trade fairs for the automotive supplier industry. “The entire industry is on a mission to... read more

Stable Biological Coating for Implants

The extracellular matrix (ECM) regulates all important cell functions and is an interesting biomaterial for scientists. Fraunhofer has developed an ECM that contains artificial chemical groups which supports natural cell behaviour outside the body. It can be applied... read more
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