The MATCH Observatory is a key element on the WP4 of the MATCH project. Designed as a strategic surveillance tool, it´s ultimate purpose is that MATCH partners, the European Commission and other users could be constantly aware about emerging and possibly disruptive trends in the field of materials.

Transparent Skull Implant Could Replace Craniotomy

Researchers from several US and Mexican institutions are developing a transparent skull implant that will allow doctors to deliver laser-based treatments to the brain on demand and on a recurring basis without the need for surgeons to open up the skull, a highly invasive procedure called a craniotomy.

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Engineers develop new biomaterial for printing bone implants

A team of engineers at Northwestern University has developed a 3D printable ink for producing a synthetic bone implant that rapidly induces bone regeneration and growth. This hyperelastic ‘bone’ material, whose shape can be easily customized, could one day prove especially useful for treating bone defects in children.

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